Implants are metallic implant screws that are used to replace missing dental roots. Implants are mainly made of titanium and owing to the tissue compliance between titanium and the jaw bone, yield highly successful results. Implants are used frequently when a single tooth or multiple teeth are missing.

Owing to its intraoral convenience in dental procedures, it is easy to use without any speaking or chewing difficulties. Implant treatment has nowadays become a highly popular dental procedure.

Who can receive implants?

Anyone with healthy gums and sufficient amount of jaw bones to support implants can receive implant treatment.

In cases where the amount of bones is not sufficient for implant, advanced techniques can be employed in order to establish a proper infrastructure for placement of implants.

How to perform implant care?

Regular oral care is essential for implant longevity. Since the wounds on the gums are sutured after surgical procedure in implant treatment, care should be exercised to avoid impact and damage to the sutures during recovery. After the implant, care should be taken not to eat hard food and not to exert pressure on the sutured area. Since after first insertion, implants are highly sensitive to hot and cold, care should be taken when consuming hot and cold foods. Food consumed should be at room temperature. Smoking and alcohol consumption also has an impact on the implant process. Smokers are advised to quit cigarette smoking for approx. 15 days before and 30 days after implant insertion.

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