Pediatric dentistry is a scientific branch that deals with the protection and treatment of primary and permanent teeth of children between the ages of 0-15. After the milk teeth start to come out, a visit to the dentist’s office for check-up becomes necessary. Regular check-up of milk teeth is fundamental for oral health in later years. Oral problems can be diagnosed at an early age and effective treatment can be applied. In order to prevent dentist fear in children, it should be made sure that the children stay calm and trust the dentist. Dentist’s approach to the child is also crucial in avoiding dentist fear which would affect the child in the future.

Which treatments does pediatric dentistry include?

Pediatric dentistry involves all oral problems of children between 0-15 years of age including tooth decay treatment in milk and permanent teeth, root canal treatment, treatment of open root teeth, placeholder application, orthodontic treatments, tooth extraction, pediatric prostheses, and emergency interventions for traumatized teeth, general anesthesia and gum treatment.

How to prevent dentist fear in children?

Dentist fear is quite common in children. However, it can be overcome with the correct approach and should be prevented to become a phobia. Dentophobia may require psychological support. Dentist fear is usually the result of environmental factors. Misleading rumors children might face in their social life, misdirecting by families, and exposure to faulty or incomplete dental procedures in the past are among these factors. In order for children to overcome their dentist fear, seeing a pedodontics specialist and encouragement by family members before visiting the dentist’s office can be highly useful.
When motivating their children, parents should refrain from using a frightful language and not go into much detail about the procedures to be done.


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