Over time, human jaw structure has become weaker due to changing eating habits, consumption of soft foods, and since the dawn of cooking to make foods more palatable. Third molars that are no longer able to find a space inside the oral cavity due to narrowing jaw, are stuck in a small region and cause decay of the front teeth. Therefore, third molars are removed from the oral cavity.

When is third molar surgery done?

Decision for tooth extraction is typically made after examining the connection with the surrounding neural network.

1- If the third molar exerts pressure on the front teeth and causes narrowing of jaw

2- If third molars are tightly stuck and prevent brushing

3- If the third molar has not fully erupted and caused inflammation in surrounding tissues

4- Third molar erupting in wrong position causes cheek biting

5- If third molar has erupted but decayed, surgery is indicated.

How is third molar surgery performed?

Surgery on inflamed teeth is done under local anesthesia. After induction of local anesthesia, the bone part that blocks the eruption of tooth is removed and tooth extracted. The procedure is completed after sufficient amount of sutures and the patient is given the required recommendations.

Post-surgical steps for third molars

Firstly, pain, swelling and other post-operative complaints can last between 3 and 10 days depending on the extent of surgery.

1- After the procedure, it is necessary to apply ice at intervals of 5 minutes up to 6 hours.

2- Prescribed medication should be taken regularly.

3- Soft and fluid food should be consumed for 1 week.

4- Oral care should be performed with soft brushes.

5- Sutures should be cleaned using soft materials.


Although they seem rather simple, third molar surgical procedures are often complex and require extra care. While the prices may vary from clinic to clinic, prices established by the Turkish Dentists Association can give an idea. Click the link below to see the price list of TBB.

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