Orthodontic treatment deals with patient-specific transparent plaques that can be attached and removed. The plates, which are made in different numbers based on the severity of misalignment, are replaced every 2 weeks. These aesthetically pleasant plaques can correct mild and moderate disorders with a high success rate.

Since patients experience no discomfort during transparent plaque treatment, the plaques quickly become a part of their daily routine. There are no metal wires or braces, so there is no need to worry about oral irritations. The aligners are very comfortable. They can be easily removed during eating, drinking, brushing teeth or using dental floss.

Owing to the unique method of transparent plates that change smiles, one can hardly notice that you are in the process of treatment. Aligners (transparent plates) straighten your teeth without any discomfort, as they are transparent and hardly noticed when inserted.


Measurements are taken from the patient for transparent plaque treatment. They are scanned and transferred to a software program. In the software, patient-specific transparent plaques are generated by determining the predicted movement of the teeth. Plates are inserted by the patient in a specific order for certain periods. Thus, the teeth are displaced and misalignment is corrected.

Transparent plaque treatment should be implemented by orthodontists who are specialized in this field.


  • Transparent plaques can be removed. Tus, you can maintain good dental and gingival care by regular brushing and flossing.
  • You can remove your plates in the case of specific events such as dinners, wedding ceremonies, meetings, etc.
  • Since transparent plaques are nearly invisible, nobody will notice that you are receiving treatment.
  • Contrary to fixed orthodontic treatment, you can remove the plaques while eating.
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